Hairy Bikers Digital Air Fryer with 5.5L Capacity

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Hairy Bikers

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Fried foods are fantastic, plain and simple. But, when they’re oilier than a massage therapist’s hands at the end of the day, they’re not the healthiest. Good thing this Hairy Bikers Air Fryer can fry foods using no oil at all, making them healthier and just as delicious… if not even more delicious! With a whopping 5.5-litre capacity, you can load it with chips, onion rings, and even burgers and chicken pieces. You can cook your food to perfection by controlling the temperature between 80 and 200°C, and it has a 60-minute digital timer. There are also 7 cooking presets, letting you cook your food with just the touch of a button. And, it has a non-stick pan and stainless steel design for easy cleaning. Looks like the Hairy Bikers have just become the Airy Bikers! While they might still need oil in their bikes, they don’t need it for their food anymore. And, neither will you once you order this Hairy Bikers Digital Air Fryer!