BionicBird MetaFly

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Experience drone flying like never before with the MetaFly, a groundbreaking biomimetic creature that mimics the flight of insects and birds. This unique device takes drone technology to new heights, offering unparalleled manoeuvrability and control. With wings designed for optimal gliding and a remarkably low weight-to-wing area ratio, the MetaFly defies the conventions of traditional drones. The MetaFly boasts a flight time of 12 minutes and utilizes patented wing control for precise and smooth manoeuvres. The 2-channel remote control ensures maximum control and range without interference, making it perfect for indoor flights and navigating tight spaces. Additionally, the MetaFly’s elastic wings and front/back bumpers provide durability and protection, ensuring worry-free flights. Its wireless range of 150 meters, crash-proof construction, and speeds of up to 20 kph make it a true marvel of flight. The MetaFly is the result of over 40 years of research and development making the first biomimetic insect drone with true flight capabilities. Prepare to be amazed as the MetaFly merges nature and technology, offering a truly unique and immersive drone-flying experience.