Beer Pump – Pour The Perfect Pint

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So, you’re on an Indiana Jones-level voyage of discovery to find the perfect draft at home? Well, time to hang up the whip, because you’ve just found this Home Beer Pump! At last, you can get delicious crisp, pre-cooled beer on tap… in the comfort of your kitchen or home bar. Yep, this brilliant home beer tap chills your beer to a lowest temperature of 2°C, delivering it with an easy-pour handle. As for the beer, fill it with whatever you like. This beer pump is designed to work with 5 litre kegs. You can grab our 5L Mini Keg Of Pale Golden Ale or nip out to your local supermarket where you should find them on the shelf. We can tell you’re pumped. So, we’ll let you get on and order this handy gadget right now. Your perfect draft is just a click away!