Atari Flashback 12 Console

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The Atari Flashback 12 is a modern remake of the Atari console from the golden days of 8-bit gaming! With in-built memory that houses all 110 games that come preloaded on the console, you can get right into the action and, with the modern twists, you can even save, load and rewind games! The Atari Flashback is jammed full of classic games such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pitfall, Frogger and Centipede. There are 2 wired joysticks for that classic gaming feel. Th classic 8-bit style is presented in higher definition, as the output for this console is a 720p HDMI output (though you’ll need to get your own cable). Powered by micro-USB cable that comes with the console, you can plug this into any compatible power port. For anyone who grew up in the time of big hair and Hall and Oates this isn’t just a walk down memory lane it’s a run!