Atari Flashback 11 – 50th Anniversary Edition

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Which tech is still going strong after 50 years? Fax us the answer or give it to us on a floppy disk… oh, yeah, you can’t. But one piece of tech that’s still as popular as ever is the Atari console. Just ask this Atari Flashback 11 retro games console! This special edition marks the 50 th anniversary of the Atari. It comes with 110 built in games including classic like classics like, Centipede, Asteroids, Jungle Hunt, and Kaboom!, letting you relive the glory days of 8-bit gaming.  But, thanks to technology, things are a little better. You can now play in 720p HD thanks to this console’s HDMI connection. And, its internal memory lets you save, load, and even rewind games if things don’t go well. This console comes with two wired controllers, making it great for multiplayer action. So, don’t let the Stranger Things characters be the only ones enjoying epic ‘80s gaming. Order this Atari Flashback 50 th Anniversary Edition now!