3-in-1 Badminton, Volleyball, and Tennis Set with 3m Net

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Get ready for some serious court sport! This set contains everything you need to play badminton, volleyball, and tennis! For starters, you get a 3-metre net with a lightweight metal frame that is easily adjustable. Set it to differing heights depending on what you’re playing. It can be set to either 107 cm, 120 cm, or 155 cm. So, which sport will it be? The choice is all yours. In the set you get 2 badminton racquets, 3 shuttlecocks, 2 tennis racquets, 2 woven felt tennis balls, a volleyball, and a ball pump. And, it all comes in a drawstring bag that makes it super easy to carry around. Play in your back garden or drive, or take it with you on trips to the beach or the local park. Ready to get stuck in? Great! Order this 3-in-1 Badminton, Volleyball, and Tennis Set now!